It's about time!

The best time to change is NOW. However, it’s not always that easy to grab the bull by the horns. That’s why I will work with you. I organise training programmes and workshops on improving time management and self leadership that deal with questions like:

  • How can I improve my memory?
  • How can I sharpen my concentration?
  • How can I be more assertive?
  • How can I assume more leadership?

As I coach people through their process of change, I respect each individual, pay attention to everyone’s authenticity and consider the long term.

How can i help you?

Training and coaching can be done individually, in company, in group and tailor-made.

My services


  • Memory: Buzan & O’Brien - Tips, Tools & Tricks for maintenance and improvement
  • Speed ​​reading: Effective methods to read faster, with in-depth understanding
  • Time management: Self-leadership - Live more effectively and efficiently with GTD® and Covey
  • NLP: Neurolinguistic Programming - Achieve your desired goals and communicate better
  • Systems Thinking: Everything is related to everything - Develop your skills to see and better understand these relationships
  • Leadership: Reach goals together grounded in "safety", "connection" and "trust".


  • Career guidance: for individuals and the self-employed
  • Get Things Done: personal coaching in self-leadership and time management
  • Limbic coaching: combination of Stress Response Testing, EMDR, EFT, affirmations…
  • Brain hacks: state management, peace of mind, concentration
  • Ericksonian hypnosis: communicating with the unconscious that contains all the answers
  • Mindscaping ®: This guided visualization is a simple yet powerful tool for both personal insight and rapid change.
  • NLP: helps to achieve desired outcomes

My belief

Dare to let go of what you think you know and you will discover new things. You are always right, even if you change your mind. "Sometimes you need to change to remain yourself."

My blog

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You definitely conveyed the interest and passion you have in this subject and arose everybody’s attention and curiosity, especially mine. It is so rare to come across someone who can do this! It felt like I came back home with something more.

Remko Moeys - Aerospace Engineering Consultant, Altran

Koen is a pure-blooded generalist and a cracking coach. As a result, this funnyman (which he is) is always a step ahead of you. He anticipates what is and what needs to happen without losing sight of the conversation. He enters your narrative and makes sure you dare to take the next step.

Pieterjan Robijn

We were looking for a course that would help our employees at BT become more aware and efficient with their duties and time management. We automatically ended up with Koen. During the workshop he went beyond conveying the theory and the tips & tricks. He was very good at sensing and anticipating the frustrations and challenges that are so typical of a large multinational. The reason this training programme is so successful is that Koen knows how to apply that theoretical knowledge with his practical experience as an employee and trainer.

Kathleen Maes - Head of HR DACH, France & Nordics, BT

Working with Koen was a pleasure ... a positivist in heart and mind, Koen managed to pop-up an original approach to problems - thanks to a creative mind. Koen will never try to 'sell' anything to you - it's his proper belief in what he's doing, that cultivates the trust you put in him. And that trust is well-deserved. Hard working, with a love of the good things in life, make Koen an enjoyable, trust worthy colleague, eager to share, to learn and to get the result required.

Glenn Hyzak - Sales Manager Benelux/DACH bij Wynn's Europe